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Small Details That Matter When Selecting a Moving Company


To successfully execute any small moves in Tampa involving furniture or other belongings, you may need to hire a moving company. Typically, you'll want your moving company to be licensed, insured, and experienced. But there are other seemingly small but very important details that you should consider before signing that deal. Below are some of those:


Do They Boast Any Award or Accolades?


A moving company that has won any relevant award for their good job is certainly likely to win your heart. Nobody is going to give a glowing rave review for a mover that under-delivered or overcharged. If the mover can show you any letters of recommendation, that'd be great too!


Are They Well Reviewed Online?


Start by confirming that your preferred moving company for small moves tampa is well reviewed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If the company has a website, read the reviews it has received from its previous customers too.


What's Covered in Their Pricing?


It's important to know that low rates per hour do not necessarily mean that the final bill will be low or reasonable. So, study the fine print and discover any "hidden" charges that may be included. Do the rates take into account fuel costs, or are you going to pay another fuel levy based on mileage?


Knowing what's included in their pricing can also help you strike a reasonable bargain, sometimes. The company's rates may change based on seasons or days of the week. Are the rates lower when you move on Sunday rather than Monday, for example?


Are There Any Applicable Delivery Windows or Consolidation Policies?


When you're shifting to another state, it's important that your mover explains the issue of delivery windows or consolidation policy in detail. With consolidation, your belongings will be combined with other customers' and shipped together. That's meant to significantly cut costs, but it prolongs the delivery schedule due to the numerous stops made to deliver belongings for other customers before your own belongings can reach their destination.


So, let the small moving inc make it clear to you that your long distant (interstate) move may entail a delivery window as opposed to a specific delivery date. When you know that beforehand, you can pack a suitcase, with all the essentials you need staying on hand before the larger consignment arrives.


When hiring a company to help with small moves in Tampa, be sure all the small but important contract details are clarified to you.