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Hiring a Moving Company


When moving to a new home, you may be wondering how you will transport your sofa sets, wardrobes and other furniture. The way the furniture are designed means they should be moved with care. Of course, the furniture will not fit in your sedan. Thus, you should get a moving company to transport them.


There are different moving companies you can hire. The company you hire should have enough staff and the right vehicles to transport the furniture. Apart from this, the company should charge you fair rates. For a company to offer a quote, you may need to let the employees see the furniture you will be transporting. This is standard practice as the quote usually depends on the type of furniture, size and distance they will have to be moved.


Screen the Companies

You can get recommendations of different small movers in your area. Your family, coworkers, friends and local real estate agents may recommend different movers. You should go further and carry out a background check on the companies to know more about them. Remember, a company that may have been recommended as excellent by a friend may not necessarily be suitable for your needs. This is why you should evaluate the different movers that will be recommended to you.


You can find out more about a company by checking online. Find out whether the company has a website and what services it offers. For example, if you have a grand piano, make sure the company can move it. Also, check reviews of the company on the internet. Local forums are good places to check reviews. Consumer websites and business listings directors may also have reviews of various companies. From the reviews, you will know what past customers think of the movers.


You should also find out whether the company you want to hire is a member of the local movers' association. It is not mandatory for a mover to be a member of the organization. However, being a member will give you confidence that you are dealing with a good company for small moves. This is because members of the organization usually have a set of ethics to follow. Apart from this, they agree to stick to a particular tariff. Thus, you will not be surprised with extra charges from the mover. Finally, the associations have arbitration programs that handle any conflicts that may occur between their members and customers.


Follow the guide above to find a good moving company.